CBD For Peak Performance

From high-intensity sports like Football, Boxing, Martial Arts, and everything in between, competitive athletes can look to CBD for peak performance.

Benefits For All Athletes

As a matter of fact, all athletes can benefit. That’s probably because it safely helps with mental/emotional balance. It also promotes muscle recovery and better focus.

This can empower the mind and body of any warrior when it’s time to “get busy”.

Model Tai Kline - Photo Credit Darryl Cobb

The benefits of CBD center around the endocannabinoid system. You have one, all mammals do. This internal system hosts a series of receptors found throughout different areas of the body.

These receptors interact with cannabinoids, and terpenes from plants, including hemp – which is where (legal) CBD oils come from.

How It Helps In Sports:

  • Supports Overall Wellness
  • Quickens Muscle Recovery
  • Reduces Exercise-Induced Inflammation and resulting pain
  • Helps Enhance Focus and concentration
  • Promotes Calm Assertive Energy
  • Supports Better Rest and Relaxation
  • Supports Flexibility / Range of motion

Generally speaking, CBD works on all levels to naturally enhance performance, while leaving one feeling strong, healthy, and focused.

But Do You Get High?

No. CBD itself is non-psychotropic, meaning it doesn’t get you high, it’s nothing like that. As a matter of fact, the Broad Spectrum products by LIFTED have no detectable THC in the final product as shown by our 3rd party lab reports.

Sport Karate Competitors

When it comes to martial arts tournaments, CBD is effective for those who put in serious work to reach higher levels of performance.

It’s all part of the game when you reach for the top, but it can definitely lead to wear and tear on the muscles and joints, leading to easier injuries and pain.

Consider the world of Sport Karate. Here competitors like Bobby Harris, a grand master in his art and legend in the fighting circuit, among many other decorated athletes, where different areas of training and competition can be positively affected by using CBD in one form or another.

Bobby Harris has extensive training, teaching, and competition backgrounds out of Chang Moo Kwan – Philadelphia Pa. Like many other black belt practitioners, he has yet to experience the power of CBD in combination with his training protocol.

Hemp companies like ours are looking to help change that dynamic for athletes today, so we sent a bottle of LIFTED Sports Cream to him in Philly to see what he thinks.

After all those years of trading off high-impact techniques, we’re betting he’ll be kicking and stretching in more comfort, and recovering faster as he experiences LIFTED topicals.

Check out his Competitor Spotlight here…

*pictured: Grand Master Bobby Harris of Harris Sport TKD and Chang Moo Kwan, Philadelphia giving instruction.

CBD Works Naturally With Your System To Keep You Healthy

Learn more about the endocannabinoid system…

CBD works naturally and harmoniously with endocannabinoid receptors in our bodies. They help repair and replenish our bodies on a cellular level. With our systems functioning properly, our minds and bodies can focus positive energy on training, timing, technique, and execution.

A Phycological Game

Look, life happens, right? Competitors can sometimes have mental struggles that hinder them from performing at their peak. Whether it is a past failure, anxious feelings, or personal issues, these distractions can cause focus, confidence, and timing problems for katas, weapons, and sparring competitors when it’s “go time.”

Master Ozzie Wright III - Karate #1 
 - RIP

Enhancing “The Zone”

CBD can provide psychological benefits that naturally serve to elevate mood, reduce stress, as well as sharpen focus.

Many competitors get a little nervous, but some have an extra hard time battling anxious feelings when they know they have to present in front of the judges or step in the ring.

This can sabotage their performance if they’re unable to reach a calm state of mind by the time they bow in.

The mental benefits of CBD could allow athletes to more easily relax into a rhythmic energy flow, “the zone” making them feel confident, focused, and in harmony with their mind and body.

Thus enabling competition at its absolute natural best!

*pictured: Master Ozzie Wright III of Chang Moo Kwan, Philadelphia and Karate #1 – Performing “The Weapon Warrior” in competition (RIP)

CBD Helps Speed Recovery

Taking care of the body is mandatory for anyone seriously performing at a competitive level. Go ahead… ask older martial artists how their hips and shoulders feel after a career of “over-training. I’ll bet you hear stories of back-to-back competitions, and not enough proper stretching, rest, and self-care in between.”

…maybe one too many laps around the dojo? A regular CBD regimen can help you avoid the “old achy, funny walking sensei” role as the body ages.

Tyreé Wright - Philadelphia/Florida

Exercise-Induced Inflammation

Yes, from ice packs and heating pads to OTC pain meds, high-intensity tournament competitors are always open for a way to achieve optimal performance and speed up the recovery process each time they bow in and out of the ring.

We all know, as martial artists, that our bodies take a beating every time we train/compete. Over time this becomes strenuous on our muscles and joints. Due to its effect on the endocannabinoid system, research suggests that CBD can be very beneficial in reducing joint and muscle discomfort.

When binding with the CB2 receptors, cannabinoids can promote the decrease of swelling by reducing cytokine production, which can help after strenuous workouts.

Rest And Recovery

Rest and recovery are also essential to help competitors repeatedly perform at the highest levels. It’s not good to struggle with sleep or have an anxious mind before bedtime when your body and mind need to recover and rest.

*pictured: Tyreé Ozzie Wright student and son of the late Master Ozzie Wright III of Karate #1.

Black Belt Made, Champion Approved

Envisioned by a black belt/cannabis patient, along with the support of a martial arts-loving family. LIFTED broad-spectrum topical products were carefully formulated to Relax, Restore, and Elevate the most intense practices without THC. This means you get all the wonderful benefits in the ring, but clear-headed with no “high” feeling.

As we begin our journey into this “natural revolution” in hemp and wellness, we are looking forward to being a trustworthy provider of full and broad-spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich hemp-based wellness essentials to all bodies in motion.

You can check out the review from Grand Master Harris on our competitor spotlight page.